"LAZER" light at Christmas

It seems to me that the people who like to do good in the community meet others along the way and they, in turn, meet more people out to make positive things happen. After a while, you see the same faces in different places where help is needed. Chris Lazure is one such example. Chris and a host of good folks put together a drive by the Knights of Columbus in Port Perry for the food bank on December 5th. As a Councillor (and a member of the Knights) I was invited to drop by. I brought my teenaged son Luke with me.

I was amazed at what we witnessed. Six vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, full in one day of food. Unloading took almost an hour. When we were done the estimate of the giving by the selfless residents of Scugog topped 8000 pounds. Close to 3 thousand more in monetary donations, gift cards and the like. I was told that because of the generosity of everyone the food bank would have a little more to give back to those using their service. Chris is one of those guys who gets people involved. And things happen. It wasn't just Chris, it was so many others. But he was the quarterback. I nominate Chris Lazure as a Community Hero !

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