I have a sump pump that currently discharges to the ditch – what will happen to it?

    Sump pumps will be connected to the proposed storm sewer system.

    Will I be able to connect to the proposed sanitary sewer system?

    Property owners will have the option to connect. This will require paying the Region’s sanitary sewer service connection fee (2022 Durham Region Fees and Charges - Water and Sanitary Sewerage User Rates , Page 6 - Base Rate) and hiring a private contractor/plumber to connect from the property line to the individual houses. Please contact Tracey Reid at 905-668-7711 ext. 3516 for more information about how to connect your home.

    When will the construction happen?

    The constructions start date is dependent on the multiple factors including coordination of servicing and construction with surrounding developments, as well as funding availability from the Region of Durham for water and sanitary sewer services. 

    Due to the considerations of the above, the reconstruction of Union Avenue has been postponed until 2024 through the 2023 capital budget process.

    Construction to base asphalt is expected to take approximately 6 months. The top lift of asphalt will be placed 1 to 2 years later when construction traffic from development in the area slows down.

    Although the road will need to be closed to through traffic during the majority of construction, emergency access will be maintained. Homeowners will be able to get to their homes although driveway access may be limited on occasions. 

    Will my taxes go up, who’s paying for this?

    No. This project is funded from Development Charges collected from developers for road and other improvements, Federal Gas Tax funding provided by the Federal Government, and contributions from Holland Homes who requires the installation of the sanitary sewer to feed their new development.

    Who’s responsibility is it to remove snow from the sidewalk?

    It is the property owner’s responsibility for removing snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties. 

    Will my driveway be paved?

    Driveways will be regraded up to the property line with material to suit the existing driveway, where a driveway is gravel it will be paved up to the property line.

    Will the speed limit change?

    The existing speed limit will be maintained.

    Will the trees be removed?

    Impacts to vegetation will be minimized as much as possible.