The Silent Hero

by BrokenGirl,
I would like to tell you about a brave man that saved around 50 people one night. He went to work like any other night, when a man caused a disturbance at the bar where he was a security guard . He politely told the young man and his girlfriend to leave the establishment there where harsh words exchanged and he left. About 20 minutes later he came back and the hero I’m speaking about saw him running towards the bar with a loaded 45 calibre he quickly told everyone to shutoff the music and he held the door closed so he couldn’t get in. The man pulled on the door and realized it was being held shut . So he shot the weapon threw the door where 2 bullets entered our hero cause he was holding the door closed the other 6 bullets entered the bar threw the door but one else was hit . When he heard the man leave he opened the

Door and got the license plate number for the police as he was bleeding from the bullets he took so everyone else would be safe .

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