Number of Homes Proposed / Density

    79 townhouse units are proposed on the subject lands, comprised of 33 dual frontage townhouse units, 36 back-to-back townhouse units and 10 street townhouse units. The density for this development would be defined as high density development in accordance with the Township’s Official Plan, being within 40 to 50 units per hectare.

    Land Use Planning Context

    The lands are currently designated Residential and Neighbourhood Commercial in the Township’s Official Plan and have been planned for development purposes. A range of housing types, including townhouses, are encouraged in the Township’s Official Plan to offer a variety of housing types to residents. 

    The Official Plan Amendment application is proposing to re-designate the south parcel from Neighbourhood Commercial to Residential and to permit back-to-back townhouse dwellings in the Residential designation on these lands.

    The lands have also been identified as a Priority Intensification Area within the Official Plan. Intensification is encouraged in a manner compatible with existing development, yet at higher densities to provide for the more efficient use of infrastructure and services and provide for affordable housing within the urban area. It is anticipated that over the lifetime of the Official Plan, Priority Intensification Areas will change and the density of development will increase. However, this change shall occur in a manner that minimizes impacts on the surrounding areas.

    The lands are currently zoned Urban Residential Multiple Type 3 (RM3) and Neighbourhood Commercial (C1) in ZBL 14-14. The current RM3 zoning allows for a range of housing types, including townhouses.

    The Zoning By-law Amendment application is proposing to rezone the subject lands to Urban Residential Multiple Type Three Exception (RM3-XX) to permit the proposed townhouse development, with development specific zone provisions related to yard setbacks, lot area, frontage, building coverage and building height.


    The Site Plan submitted to facilitate the townhouse development has proposed road connections to King Street and Calwell Drive. Traffic Impact work has been undertaken and the Traffic Impact Study submitted is under review by the Township and Region.


    The Zoning By-law requires a minimum of 2 parking spaces per unit, which may include 1 parking space in the garage. 20 visitor parking spaces are proposed on the Site Plan.

    Building Heights & Impacts to Existing Views

    All the townhouse dwellings are proposed with a height of 3 storeys. Measured from the average elevation at the front of each dwelling, this is an approximate height of 12m to the mid-point of the roof of each dwelling. The current RM3 zoning permits a maximum building height of 10m and the C1 zoning permits a maximum building height of 12m. 

    Cross-sections have been provided of the proposed development to outline the height of the proposed townhouse units in relation to the existing homes.

     A Shadow Study has been submitted with the applications to review the shadows cast by the proposed development to determine if there would be any impacts to the abutting residential lots to the west and north. The Shadow Study simulated the shadows cast by the townhouse dwellings on April 21st, June 21st, September 21st and December 21st at various morning, afternoon and evening time periods. This shadow study confirms that minimal shadows are cast from the proposed development to the abutting residential lots during the most significant April and September dates. A shadow is cast on June 21st at 7:20 AM onto a portion of the rear yard of the lots at 83 and 87 Calwell Drive, however this shadow was not present at 8:20 AM. Shadows are cast on December 21st in the morning period onto the rear yard of the lot at 55 Anders Drive, however this shadow was not present in the afternoon period.